Weekly Illumination: August 14th, 2016


Sunday – Nine of Wands


An attitude of caution can go a long way on this day as you may find yourself having to put your guard up. You don’t want to be too guarded that you close yourself off to any opportunities but you will gain much by exercising just the right amount of discernment on this day as people may not come to you with the most pure motives. Use your experience and any wounds you have gained along the way to navigate through the events of this day.

Monday – Five of Wands


Be mindful of the dynamic flow of energy that will occur this day as you need to be alert and on top of everything so that you do not get sidelined. You may have to engage in some mild competition in order to get your ideas heard or your name out there. Instead of letting any differences between you and another get in the way of you two, use that energy to brainstorm possibilities that would be impossible for just you alone to engineer.

Tuesday –The Hanged Man


You must be willing to make peace with uncertainty as you use this day to release things and influences in your life that no longer serve you. Your willingness to sacrifice and release these things will create great room for what is meant for you in this life to bless you. You may be unsure of why you are letting go of somethings but choose to let it go gracefully anyway.

Wednesday – Ace of Swords


A new understanding of your energy and how it personally works for you will bless you on this day giving you a clear insight on what you can do with this new understanding. This will manifest itself as a new truth for you to express to others and a new idea that you can meditate on as you allow this realization to color new realities for you making you see the truth of this life more vivid than in previous months.

Thursday – The Hanged Man


As you revisit what you have been releasing and sacrificing earlier this week you will gain a greater understanding of how meaningful such release really is to your life. You are undergoing a special initiation process of the soul and the epiphany from the day prior will help you gain more confidence so that you can surrender more fully to this very important process. Do not be afraid to let go.

Friday – Seven of Cups


You want to spend today delving into your imagination without getting too lost in delusion and fantasy. You may actually end up doing just that and that is okay but today is more about the creative process behind your imagination more than the logic involved in any of it. The time you spend creatively visualizing what you desire and why will reveal a whole lot so be mindful of where you are led emotionally concerning this.


Saturday – Nine of Pentacles


You will find that you stand to reap great fruits from the hard work you have invested all week. This is a great day to reward and pamper yourself. For many of you this may be the first steps you have to actually realizing a life of self sufficiency and self employment. What may have seemed like a dream today will be more of a reality giving you much reason to celebrate and be proud of yourself.

Weekly Summary

This week will be a little difficult but the more you are willing to release what does not serve you the better you will be guided on your path and led to places that will lead to more blessings. Do not let any temptations lead you astray and be mindful of what it is you are working hard for as that reminder will serve to keep you focused instead of distracted as may be really easy to do this week. Above all, believe in yourself and the work you have been putting in so far!

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Song of the Week —-> Untouchablepeace Brought to you by -The Peace Dealer-


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