Month: August 2015

Weekly Illumination – August 30th, 2015


Sunday – Eight of Cups

                 eight of cups

You may have to leave behind certain hopes and dreams or even find yourself leaving behind an actual person or goal you had wanted to accomplish. Do not let this dampen your spirits. You will later find that this was inevitable and will redirect you towards the path you are meant to walk.

Monday – King of Swords

 king of swords

Much of your ability to remain impartial to your circumstances and towards people will help you gain the most out of this day. There may be intelligent minds around you that you can learn from and gain sage advice from as well. Let this highly intellectual energy guide you and help you navigate your emotions.

Tuesday – Two of Wands

 two of wands

This is a great day to understand the choices you have to make and how much planning you can integrate into your lifestyle. There is a lot of potential that you will see in things and people so make sure that you allow it to affect your decisions in positive ways.

Wednesday – Two of Pentacles

two of pentacles

There will be a lot of opportunities to invest in multiple revenue streams as well as keep productive. The work you do on this day will definitely help you and gain the right momentum for you moving forward.

Thursday – Death


Following the theme at the beginning of the week you will find that a certain aspect of your life is over forever. Whether this is the end of a relationship or bad habit understand that it will be dead forever. Allow this ending to set the stage for something new.

Friday – Five of Cups

 5 of cups

For some of you what dies may be an actual loved one of yours making for a very painful loss. If so I offer up my condolences. Either way you will find yourself really focusing on what you have lost and it will let you understand your feelings about them. Do your best to move on as difficult as it may be.

Saturday – Four of Wands

four of wands

You will be able to celebrate your situation at the end of the week no matter how painful or bad of circumstances you have had to deal with. There will be a gratefulness that permeates the life you live further making things more exciting for you!

Weekly Summary

You will gain a lot of insight this week that will shift your perspective on what your heart has wanted. As such do your best to stay grounded and rational as certain road bumps can threaten your peace and balance. Remember that you have a lot of potential energy within you can express and there are more ways for you to accomplish and gain what you desire.

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Weekly Illumination – August 23rd, 2015


Sunday – Ten of Cups

            10 cups

Falling in love is a very huge possibility on this day. It may very well be with the peace you experience in your life which will definitely tap you into a stronger connection with the divine than ever before. This will require a little bit of vulnerability but opening up like that will be well worth it.

Monday – The Chariot

 the chariot

You can expect to experience victory in any recent endeavors and projects you have been working on. Sometimes it is hard to gain perspective on the hard work we have done but on this day you will be able to do so in a way that allows you to gain momentum on your work and do an even better job making each step count more and be more effective.

Tuesday – King of Swords

 king of swords

This is a great day to remain impartial and objective about everything. Usually when that is the case you may be tempted to use the knowledge you have gained to be a bit emotional but you would do better to stay intellectually grounded and not rush to any conclusions you are not completely sure about. You may be gifted with the opportunity to communicate with highly intelligent minds that can water your mind with much wisdom.

Wednesday – Two of Swords

2 of espadas

It is okay to close yourself off if you need more information to proceed. You may be indecisive or feel like you do not want to let anyone in your personal space. Do not allow anyone to pressure to make a decision before you are ready or allow anyone to force your hand. Take time today to go within and sort out your thoughts and feelings.

Thursday – Page of Pentacles

 page of pentacles

You may gain a fine opportunity to invest in something new which will lead to great profit if you decide to do so. You may also gain the chance to learn something new while slowly gaining experience on certain things you know already. Productivity is the name of the game today and will serve you very, very well.

Friday – Ten of Cups

 10 of cups

Pulling this card two times in a week is a big deal and only emphasizes that for many of you there will be breakthroughs in romance and love. Some of you will reach new levels of bliss and ecstasy in your family and relationships with others while some of you may meet a certain special someone who wants to share more special moments with you. However this manifests for you just understand that there is more bliss to come for all involved.

Saturday – The Sun

the sun

This is a great card to end off the week as you will definitely be able to fly high with your heart and feel the bliss really and truly in your life. It won’t be something you have to psyche yourself into. Expecting this to happen can make you disappointed but this card serves to remind you that there is happiness all around you and within you and the moment you decide to tap into that you will definitely experience more than you bargained for…and in a great way!

Weekly Summary

This is a highly positive week and may even be one of the best weeks we will have this month into the next month. Make sure that no matter what happens you allow your positivity to shine through your heart and to really tap into your inner child. Many revelations that occur will tap you much deeper to your soul’s true purpose so that you can reach a new level of focus.

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Weekly Illumination – August 16th, 2015


Sunday – The Magician

               the magician

There will definitely be a special touch of magic that you experience which will set the pace of this entire week. The best part is that this magic is manifested by you and you only. Your intention, thoughts, and feelings will be interactively weaved by you to give you much personal power over your life. Are you ready to experience the supernatural….for real?

Monday – Temperance


A lot of the powerful energy you experience will be balanced out in a way that your mortal vessel can handle it all. You will gain a much better idea of how to moderate all the things you do which will allow you to create a much greater sense of peace for yourself and others around you. Soul mate encounters are inevitable.

Tuesday – Ace of Swords

 ace of swords

The most enlightening series of events will grace you on this day to a degree that may make you question everything you thought you knew up until now. This is a great thing in that you will ascend to a greater rank and level of knowledge that will resonate with the internal soul changes you have made ever since early July. Do not be afraid to share this knowledge as you will have the conviction and facts to back up your claims.

Wednesday – The Hierophant

the hierophant

A higher level of understanding can definitely help you understand the beliefs you may have been struggling to accept. It may not always be fun to follow the status quo but by doing so you will be able to come up with new ways to perceive it. You will definitely learn a lot about how you stand with authority in your life.

Thursday – The Hermit

 the hermit

Make sure that the decisions you make on this day reflect what you really want to do instead of worrying about how it will make other people feel. This is not an excuse to be a selfish prick but rather an opportunity to express who you really are and take actions based off of what it personally true to the real you.

Friday – Five of Wands

 five of wands

You will be able to brainstorm a lot of creative things with like minded people in order to add more power to your life. Make sure that you do not get hung up on only doing what you want but make sure you are able to exercise proper team work. Nothing is ever that serious that you need to start getting overly competitive about it.

Saturday – Ace of Wands

ace of wands

Magic is real and you will believe it for sure if you have not already on this day. A spark of life will occur that will rebirth your system with a new level of passion. This day will also be highly sexual so take advantage of any opportunities to bite from the forbidden fruit if you can no matter how taboo it may seem at the moment.

Weekly Summary

This is a very powerful week that will connect you much more deeply with the cosmos and the divine. Allow yourself to go with the flow of events and energy that stirs your soul while also exercising your inner power so that you can co create things in your life that move you further along your path.

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Weekly Illumination – August 9th, 2015


Sunday – The Hermit

         the hermit

There are certain things that you have kept to yourself which will take on a much clearer meaning. It can be hard to move forward with internalized truths that only you understand. On this day you will be able to see it expressed out in the world and around you in a way that helps you identify with them much more and help reclaim your authenticity.

Monday – The Moon

 the moon

As you go through this period of uncertainty it will help you listen better to your intuition. As such it is important you pay attention to any internal truths you understood the day prior as your intuitive guidance you gain today will definitely illuminate things you will only know and may gain insight about before anyone else does. Any dreams you have that strike you as significant will be important and relevant for weeks to come.

Tuesday – Three of Pentacles

 three of pentacles

You can gain a lot of progress by accepting any assistance that comes your way as well as making sure that you keep an open mind with what you learn. There are helpful influences at the stage of your growth that serve to grow your experience in valuable ways if only you can allow yourself to be taught new things.

Wednesday – Page of Wands

 page of wands

More excitement that comes your way will be done so in an effort to remind you that you still have much power to be harnessed within you. It could have been easy to forget if you have been focusing on the negative. Accept any positive news with passion and excitement as the reality will be more exciting than it initially seems.

Thursday – Six of Pentacles

 six of pentacles

Make sure that if you need any help or financial assistance that you speak up. Sometimes we can allow our pride to not let us call out for help. This day will help you assess whether what you give and take is balanced and whether you are really being treated fairly as well as treating others fairly.

Friday – Queen of Cups

queen of cups

This day has a lot of potential for strong romance as long as you allow yourself to tap fully into your feelings. This means that you cannot expect things to be as rational as you would like but like the mature Queen you can gain a lot by being receptive to your strong and powerful emotions sharing your feelings with someone who feels just as strongly.

Saturday – Page of Swords

page of swords

There will be a much needed mental understanding that you come across today that will help you mentally understand a lot of things you were unclear about. Psychic impressions and emotional impulses with be understood in such a logical way that it will open up your heart to new personal truths.

Weekly Summary

This may be a pretty confusing week but as long as you place no expectations on it then it can actually be a very positive one for you personally. There will be a lot of internal work that you succeed through provided you believe in yourself and stay true to who you are. You will gain a lot of romantic beauty in your life that reflects who you are and what you stand for so keep positive.

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Weekly Illumination – August 2nd, 2015


Sunday – Nine of Cups

   9 of cups

On this day you will hold on to a wish that will come true at any moment during this week. You will find that this energy is carried out through the month of August so that you can understand how powerful your manifestation ability is. Get ready for you to become emotionally fulfilled.

Monday – Six of Wands

 6 of wands

This day will bring forth victory and praise in a way that you will not be aware of since you are so focused on what you are doing. Keep on the momentum as there is still work to be done but the things you have accomplished on this day will help you much greater as this month comes to a close.

Tuesday – Ace of Swords

 ace of swords

Today you will be gifted with a much needed and major epiphany that will open up your mind to a whole new way of thinking. In fact this will give your soul the realization it has been sensing would be imminent. Whatever truth you come across and is presented to you on this day will enlighten you instead of feel harsh or bring you down so keep this in mind.

Wednesday – The Sun


Following the epiphany that you receive you will find that you have a lot to enjoy and be grateful for. In fact today will even set the stage for more happiness and joy in your life due to the fact that you are able to really internalize how amazing this realization is and what this truly means for you. You will understand that most of your wishes have come true while you were so busy worrying about petty issues and it will all uncover itself giving you more to be happy about.

Thursday – Five of Swords

 5 of swords

On this day there will be friction with others who do not seem to understand how to respect boundaries…especially yours. You may find yourself arguing to protect your own interests and no matter how much of a bad person you seem for looking out for yourself do not let that make you compromise. If you have to cut people out your life because they don’t want to respect you then do so gladly.

Friday – Page of Wands

 page of wands

Despite any minor frictions you will still receive an exciting message that will spark a lot passion within you as it has much to do about harnessing your inner power and applying it to the things you are passionate about. For some of you this can be a passionate romance that sparks up out of the blue with someone who is as crazy about you as you are about them.

Saturday – The World

the world

We will conclude this week will you gaining a completion of a certain phase of your life. Not only will you feel complete in a certain area of your life but you will also gain a lot of perspective that you can use to add to the bigger picture of what you are facing and journeying through.

Weekly Summary

This is a very dynamic week that will push you out of your comfort zone while actually inspiring you express more of your heart and passion with those who resonate with who you are. Unexpected surprises will uplift you in all the right ways and set the course of the rest of the month to be a very interesting one.

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