Month: May 2015

Weekly Illumination – May 31st, 2015


Sunday – The Tower

This day will be sparked off by a sudden change you will be able to do nothing about. This sudden change will now force you to make new decisions whether that change is you winning the lottery or learning that your child completely totalled your only car. Whatever happens do your best to adapt to the situation. I sense more however this sudden change is another breakthrough that you had desired but did not nearly expect to experience as soon as you are experiencing now.

Monday – The Empress


Great abundance is made available for you to harvest from on this day. For some of you following the sudden change from the day prior you may discover an unexpected pregnancy that changes the dynamics of several lives. A lot of hard work on your part done to cultivate what you currently have will be seen for what it is worth and true beauty will express itself in all forms for you to bask in.

Tuesday – 6 of Pentacles

6 of pentacles

Any support or assistance needed materially will be provided on this day. Do not be afraid to ask for help if you really need some. This card helps to expose any inequalities in things given and received so that such imbalances can be balanced. Make sure that you are giving as much as you are receiving from someone helping you out. This is also an excellent day to gain approval from loans you apply to as well as create more financial flow in your life. Your generosity will be kindly met by all the right people.

Wednesday – Death


Last week’s theme of transformation will be continued here with this card signalling an even more powerful process of metamorphosis. This will be a bit more extreme of a process than you are used to but let this challenge you more than it may intimidate you. Many of the beliefs that you had held long on to will finally dissolve leaving you with only your faith in yourself to move onwards.

Thursday – The Moon


Your shadow self will rear itself in an effort to bridge your intuition to your reality. This may cause you to feel really unclear about certain things and also may make you feel like you are walking blind or in the dark. Allow this feeling to have you see in a new way that lets your intuition lead. This day will more so than ever identify that voice of intuition so that you know for sure what it sounds like where as before it would get drowned out by your thoughts.

Friday – Queen of Swords


Do not be afraid on this day to seek out professional guidance if you need help on any particular issue. Intelligent people who can realistically serve you are all around. You yourself may be a source of advice for those who need it just make sure you do not sugar coat your advice in order to be more friendly. Your words may cut deep and that may be just what that person needed to hear. Staying objective above all costs will be your best bet for making it through today.

Saturday – 5 of Pentacles

5 of pents

Insecurity may be triggered on this day in order to test how much value you find within yourself. Do not let temporary circumstances blind you to the potential that you hold and can express in all its glory. Many of the things that may attempt to knock you off balance are not as important as you may think they currently are. A lack of security is a chance for us to change things instead of getting hung up on that fact.

Weekly Summary

We start the week off with a sudden change that may end up setting you back by the end of the week. Whatever set backs you may face just understand that they were necessary in order for you to understand who and what in your life is meant to stay and what you can do better without. Sometimes we need a smokescreen in order for us to gain a secret perspective of events that we wouldn’t have with all eyes on us.

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Song of the Week —-> Satisfactionpeace

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Monthly Tribe Report – Gemini Season

Here are the respective tribe reports for this Gemini season. Please be sure to also watch the report for your rising sign as well:

Fire Tribe (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

Water Tribe (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Earth Tribe (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

Air Tribe (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)


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Song of the Season – All Day


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Weekly Illumination – May 24, 2015


Sunday – Ace of Swords
ace swords

A realization will be sparked that completely gives you an entirely new way to perceive reality. This realization will bring together all the events of last week and analyse them in a way that completes the perspective you had been developing. This will feel like one of the most major epiphanies you have ever had so far in life.

Monday – The Hanged Man


Following this major epiphany you will find that you have nothing better to do but surrender to this new way of seeing your situation. This will cause you to put a halt to a lot of actions which followed an old way while contemplating on this new way and path for you to walk. Just as last week initiated you into new circumstances, this week you will be finalizing the last steps of your cocoon before it is time to become the butterfly.

Tuesday – Death


The surrender of control you did on Monday will trigger an extreme transformation within you. Following the major realization you have made about who you really and truly are, you will be witness to how everything else outside of you transforms to match the new state you are now vibrating. This beautiful death will release even more so now all that is not here to serve you and help you on your path. Let it go once and for all.

Wednesday – Knight of Wands


Following this major transformation, you will take immediate action on the new objectives you are meant to achieve. This very passionate energy will allow you to accomplish a lot so take advantage of it. Don’t be afraid to take certain risks as well being that your adventurous nature will intuitively lead you towards many serendipitous moments if you allow.

Thursday – Ace of Swords


The realization that you made at the beginning of the week will now be looked at from an even higher perspective. You will now gain new truth at a deeper level because of the action you have taken prior to affirm this new decision of yours. This will bless you with an even stronger trust in this new perspective that you have been graced with.

Friday – 6 of Swords


It is now time to take these new realizations with you and sail off with them. For some of you this can indicate travel while for others you will be able to heal from old psychological wounds because of this new perspective that allows you to calmly talk about them and release them. Communication will be smooth in a way that allows multiple people to all speak their minds and also gain receptivity from others for their thoughts.

Saturday – Ace of Cups

ace cups

The sailing you did yesterday will lead you to the shores of renewed and awakened love that you are more than ready for even if it doesn’t feel like it at first. It is okay to feel butterflies and be nervous. You are able to tap into a certain sensitivity that way which will heighten into pure bliss. New feelings on this day will awash over your soul and you will feel truly in love if you allow someone or something special into your heart.

Weekly Summary

The energy this week will invite us to have new epiphanies as well as spark new connections of love. This makes for some extreme luck so don’t be afraid to take risks that come from your heart. Allow yourself to continue to release the old and accept new themes and new ideas. Inspiration is all around you and also coming from within you so make sure you share your true essence for others to be blessed by!

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Song of the Week —-> Dat Sound Goodpeace

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Weekly Illumination – May 17th, 2015


Sunday – The Hanged Man

   hanged man

This day will require that you make peace with uncertainty. The Universe is preparing to initiate you into a new order of life that reflects the decisions you have made to live more authentically from your heart and spirit. See this as certain truths and facts being held from you so that you can be pleasantly surprised with them when you least expect it. Anything you are called upon to surrender and let go of do so knowing that it is creating space for your heart’s wildest desires to be fulfilled.

Monday – 3 of Cups


You will have a lot to celebrate on this day. It may feel like you are the one being celebrated however and if so enjoy and relish this energy which is celebrating your life. Whether or not it feels like it is your birthday, the positive energy you feel and share with true friends will really set the pace for this week. This card also indicates ritual as well so this is a great day to practice and magic spells or psychic power you planned to follow through on.

Tuesday – Page of Swords

page of swords

You will gain a growing understanding of events on this day that will have you know how to think for the rest of the week. Since the beginning of the week had you gain a new perspective of your situation by letting go of control, you will gain knowledge from scratch in a way that allows you to use your superior intellect to learn exciting new things. This isn’t so much so in an academic sense but more in a way that draws from your experience in the moment. Pay attention to any messages you receive that enlighten you to the current state of affairs as it will greatly benefit you.

Wednesday – 5 of Wands

5 of wands

The creative brainstorming you do will serve to really generate the proper energy you need to bring great ideas to life. You will also be able to find out more ways to lighten up your busy workload and have more fun in your life. Always remember the beauty in the struggle you face. It is that struggle that will define many of the courageous actions you take on this day.

Thursday – Judgement


You will be faced on this day with a judgement call you cannot escape from. This will ultimately reveal the true purpose of your life and will inspire new action on your part. Consider this an awakening of sorts as a whole lot that you have sensed to be true from within will also be confirmed.

Friday – The Magician


Following the intensity of the day prior, you will be able to now more than over focus your will power and intent to consciously co create some serious magic. The logic of your mind and creativity of your emotions will engineer events and situations that move you closer and closer to your goals that have set to be accomplished. In a lot of ways today will also reveal the power you have in its truest form now that it is being applied to your true life’s purpose.

Saturday – 3 of Wands


Quite fitting at the end of this week you will be able to take stock on all that has happened and make plans that extend far into the future which you will be able to begin setting in motion that very same day. Know that growth is inevitable and you will be able to take a sigh of relief knowing that all the hard work you have done this week and so far this year has not at all been for nothing.

Weekly Summary

This week offers much needed breakthrough in ways that we didn’t even think were possible. Releasing control over things you can’t affect will quickly provide the proper perspective needed to align your intentions. It is in this state of peace that unexpected messages which inspire celebration and happiness will now spur on new actions which will ultimately lead to the revelation of your soul’s true purpose. Don’t let the intensity of these revelations discourage or frighten you but rather empower you. Much power will flow through you that will open up more doors for you to pass through thus continuing your epic soul journey!

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Song of the Week —-> Caught Uppeace

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Weekly Illumination – May 3rd, 2015


Sunday – Knight of Swords


You are encouraged to stimulate any revolutionary thoughts that put the power of change in your hands. Don’t be afraid to leap out in the battle field and fight for your life as your courage will be powerfully felt. You can excuse any radical ideas that are too insensitive as it is more about expressing your mental energies.

Monday – 8 of Wands


The release of energy will open up many channels to communicate with many people. What this burst of energy is serving to do really is provide enough passion for you to finish the rest of the week really strong. You will gain a lot of insight with the energy of this card even beyond this day that will open up passionately any connections between you and certain other special people to you.

Tuesday – 2 of Pentacles

2 of coins

The productivity you indulge yourself in today will generate a lot of material energy for you to gain more control over your life. You can also find better ways to play with the money you have in order to flip it and make more. Do not allow your emotions to get the way of work you have to accomplish and you will gain a nice surprise at the end of the day.

Wednesday – 2 of Cups

2 of cups

On this day you can revisit a connection with someone you will learn to trust with all your heart. For many of you these can be sparked in new or existing romantic bonds or you could take a friendship to the next level and partner with that person for financial or creative reasons. Either way honour seriously any partnerships that form or re form today as this will signal a connection that will last for a long time.

Thursday – Queen of Swords


If you have a Libra woman that you know then spend all your time with them today. They will have much magic and power to share with you. This card reminds you that you don’t have to be politically correct and emotional to make someone else feel better. Sometimes you just need to cut them with the harsh truth as they may not hear that realness from anyone but you. The independent projects you have going on for yourself you can revisit with a clearer and more objective perspective for more growth.

Friday – The Lovers


You will definitely thank God it is Friday as this day promises much passion. Let this encourage you to go out and share yourself with others who would be lucky to get to know the real you. You may be able to share love with several people in fun and happy ways that open your heart. This day is also about getting your mind and heart to agree with each other on many issues so that congruence can attract love to you in all forms.

Saturday – 8 of Pentacles


Meaningful work will bless you on this day that you will love to do instead of hate to do. You can gain employment if you are looking for you may find your existing work gives you more to do and will keep you busy. This card calls for you to put quality in the work you do as quality work will be rewarded.

Weekly Summary

This week will serve to help you gain momentum on any radical ideas you have recklessly jumped forward with. The productivity you are generating will manifest a passionate partnership that will both unify you to manifest meaningful work to share with the rest of the collective consciousness.

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Song of the Week —-> Time Machinepeace

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